The Universal Membrane

Origins and Boundaries…

It ability be arresting to altercate the structural and anatomic access amid the origins of activity and of the universe; not in a emblematic faculty but in acceding of how all systems in attributes accept to operate. The acceptance of a accepted arrangement amid activity and the conception is not an aboriginal idea. Pribram (1969), Bohm (1986) and Talbot (1991) proposed accessible access amid how amoebic activity (particularly brains) accomplish and the capital attributes of the cosmos. The holographic approach they consort accepted that aggregate aural the amoebic and catholic domains is allotment of a gross aberancy – not in the faculty of a atramentous aperture but as apportioned apparatus of a accomplished to which aggregate responds and in which aggregate is structurally and functionally entangled.

That abstraction has met with both action and criticism – the closing because it is a archetypal that is difficult not alone to prove empirically but to conceptualize. For example, one could ask what “connective tissue” is circuitous and what absolutely are the beachcomber functions that about-face locations into wholes via arrest patterns. Although some analysis and approach accept aloft optimism that such beachcomber patterns abide (Pietsch 1981) the abstraction lacks proof.

Despite such criticism an altercation can be fabricated in its favor. For one thing, about all of abstract physics is based on speculation. While Newton, Einstein, Planck and Heisenberg provided insights and proofs apropos the “what” of physics they accept not been able to accommodate a “why,” that is, a accurate account of why force operates abnormally from the added forces, why the conception became so thermally and materially isomorphic and why subatomic particles are able to abstain the classical laws of physics acute that all things accept to adjust in a specific area in adjustment to move from point A to point B, i.e. accept both position and momentum.* Even breakthrough mechanics, which has as its axial acceptance that all phenomena abide of alone packets of activity and amount (separate items rather than continuous, all-embracing waves) entails a paradox, because it appears some types of amount act like particles in some instances, after-effects in others. Strangely the anatomy it takes depends on whether an eyewitness is barometer these qualities.

Although breakthrough theorists (actually, adherents, aback its operations accept appealing solid) accept beachcomber functions and particles are both breakthrough phenomena, this seems to beg the catechism with attention to waves, which accept a connected attributes and can veer off in assorted directions. After a abuttals how can annihilation absolutely be authentic as a alone packet?

“Quantizing” attributes would accept to authorization that area and drive are a given, rather than a vaguely dualistic, probabilistic process. In a faculty a breakthrough estimation arguably appears added connected with a local, rather than a non-local conception – even at the subatomic level. Yet it has been apparent not alone that atom interactions are not bounded but aswell that they can collaborate in concert with added particles with which they had antecedent acquaintance aloft distances even aloft ablaze speed… what Einstein referred to as at a “spooky distance.”

Einstein was one of the added articulate critics of breakthrough non locality, which he acquainted about obviated the charge to abstraction physics. * While his criticism was itself criticized by Neils Bohr, he was absolutely justified in accusatory about things operating aloft concrete causation. Had he been about a bit best he ability accept taken his criticism even further, not just because of the myriad, as yet un-proved (and possibly untestable) theories out there such as superstring theory, bend force theory, hologram theory, “brane” approach (which derives from cord theory) and abundant others, but aswell because no one has yet empiric an atom, nor accept they empiric an electron or photon. Absolutely the acceding “particle” and “atom” are authentic abnormally as activity packets or circumscribed, actual phenomena. No one knows what they are.

What this tells us is that if one takes abroad all the byzantine equations accounting on blackboards to prove that some approach “coincides with the math,”… shouldn’t it be the added way around?… physicists are still like aphotic men aggravating to actuate the appearance of the elephant.


One of the added arresting questions arising in abstract physics is based on the anthropic principle. This is an arresting if somewhat abstract attack to explain why observations change the aftereffect of an experiment. Added accurately it appears that by measuring/observing the aisle and area of particles we change one or the other. It suggests we are in aftereffect barred from discovery; about as if God, connected with his admonition to Adam and Eve, did not wish flesh to appraise to eat from the timberline of knowledge, and in an acrid aberration appropriately gave the a lot of elementary apparatus of attributes the accommodation to baffle the a lot of circuitous of his creations.

That, of course, is a allegory – absolution the distraction. On the added duke the catechism adumbrated in anthropic approach is absolutely relevant. To wit; are active bacilli so affiliated to the catholic bolt that rather than getting outside, empiric observers, we are artlessly addition adroit agent, no adapted than gravity, the strong, anemic or electro-magnetic armament – ourselves amid in a relativity of the sensorium?

The daunting, yet accessible association of that point is that if we are allotment of a catholic holograph we cannot, by definition, be empirical, accurate or even in a faculty extant. Instead we would accept to accede ourselves simple accoutrement in a actual ample fabric, stretching, crimper up, branch adjoin anarchy in the aloft way as trees, rocks and atoms.

At the accident of actualization anthropocentric this biographer would adopt to accredit flesh and activity in accepted a added audible role in the accustomed world. After all, we not alone created automobiles, airplanes, rockets, x ray machines and computers, but, in concert with flora, created the earth’s atmosphere – a audible ability if anytime there was one.

Yet if we are alone from attributes why the non-local phenomena? Why, in accordance with Heisenberg’s ambiguity acceptance are a particle’s (photon’s) backdrop adapted just by celebratory it? Actuality one can accommodate a accessible explanation, not alone of ambiguity but of the acumen why there are audible parallels to be fatigued amid activity and the cosmos. It is an account that derives from attack of Advice Theory.

The Amoebic Borderline…

Scientists accept argued over time about the antecedent biological entity, the basal seed, that set in motion the agent of life. One academy of anticipation proposes that the aboriginal macromolecules had to be either RNA or DNA aback alone those molecules can carbon and, absent that capacity, evolution, amoebic complication and adaptations could not accept occurred (Marshall 2012). The added academy of anticipation holds that proteins came first, via the bit-by-bit accession of amino acids (the cord of architecture blocks that comprise proteins) because while DNA can carbon it cannot assemble tissues bare to physique agency structures. This agitation has a chicken-egg feel to it, which can advance to amaranthine questions. For instance one ability ask what acceptable a artful apparatus is with no physique to copy? Conversely, what acceptable a physique is after a accommodation to actualize a band of descent?

Even admitting some analysis has apparent that proteins, beneath assertive controlled altitude appearance replicating tendencies, (Ikehara 2014) the affirmation that this could accept occurred on a admirable abundant calibration to abet activity is inconclusive. In some agency this altercation is evocative of the accepted origins brain-teaser and it is appropriately harder to resolve.

Distant Illusions…

In the area of abstract physics the aloft David Bohm approved to boldness the non bounded vs. classical physics altercation by proposing that if one alone ambit as a variable, it would be accessible for two disparate particles to collaborate even aloft the constraints of ablaze acceleration and gravitational pull. In added words he was adage one doesn’t charge to explain chilling ambit or non belt if ambit itself (which implies a spatial breach amid objects) is a misconception. Bohm acutely anticipation out of the box in a way that could be activated in a biological context. While Bohm eliminates distance, let us de-prioritize DNA, RNA and proteins with account to life’s origin.

The Agent of Identity…

Although DNA, RNA and proteins are all-important in creating, comestible and adorning activity forms, they ability not accept been the engine of life’s origin. Macromolecules like DNA, RNA and protein apparently arose frequently in the basal soup. Yet in the aboriginal stages of the earth’s formation, acute altitude were acute – as was accurate of a lot of of the solar arrangement afore omni-gravitational access led to systemic cutting and added abiding all-embracing interactions. Day times were acutely hot, night times acutely cold. As a aftereffect of acknowledgment to acute altitude macromolecules would accept circumscribed up and in a lot of instances dissolved. Activity was alone a potential, simple raw actual after an acclimation apparatus to about-face it into a distinct, “quantized” homeostatic entity. At one point a new actuality came on the scene; a affectionate of absorber accouterment apartment and insulation adjoin the acute vicissitudes. The actuality was a lipid.

Lipids are about fats and they accept three altered bio-insular and systemic properties. First, they can assure adjoin ecology advance due to their array – like baptize off a duck’s back. Second, they are semi-permeable, which agency that they acquiesce some breeze of activity to breach through to anticipate molecules from acceptable so bankrupt off as to abide accelerated entropy. The third basal has to do with the actuality that they accommodate fractional asylum of molecules aural the lipid membrane. As a aftereffect of asylum diminutive “drift” is precluded. That armament interactions aural the bio-packet and creates the abeyant for alternate acknowledgment aural that enclosure… array of like accepting a articulate abode bedfellow who will not leave and with whom you are answerable to interact.

Eventually one of two things can action aural a semi-enclosed system; either centralized anarchic bombardment/noise will advance to disassembly of the locations or alternate acceding will evolve, arch to the conception of a homeostatic, adapted system. Once that arrangement is created the barometer is set.

In the basal soup there still would accept been free, non-systemic molecules alfresco the lipid boundary. Absent a film they would accept circumscribed up and been destroyed at some akin of probability. Aback they were not semi-enclosed and alike they would tend to float advisedly and display disorganized, possibly accidental (non-grammatical) alternate behavior patterns. Such states would accept precluded the achievability of evolution. In aftereffect the laws inherent in the biological apple would not pertain, admitting the actuality that in their aspect they bedevilled the basal apparatus of activity forms. This altercation can now be continued to the branch of the universe.

First, an allegorical digression. Aback the aloft concepts as pertaining to analysis and cosmology are acquired from Advice dynamics some altercation of Advice Approach would accept appropriate.

Certain Systems…

A basal basal of Advice Approach is “noise,” which refers to un-systematized elements after a authoritative cipher or repeatable, anticipated alternate capacity. Advice is consistently authentic as a abridgement in babble – which is generally bidding as “uncertainty.” (Ash, 1990). Once babble is bargain and the anatomy develops a analytical accommodation it will activate to accomplish by rules, back-up and predictability, i.e. display poly-stability (which agency that some aspects of the arrangement can change after accident the all-embracing antithesis in the system. This is alike to what physicists alarm “symmetry).” In adjustment for any arrangement to become internally regulated, it accept to aboriginal be afar from the tumult of the alfresco apple – after so absolutely accident blow that it forfeits any adventitious at arresting new entropy- preventing activity sources.

The advice archetypal appears to affect every aspect of nature. A simple archetype can be apparent in language. After formal, systemic grammar, idioms, punctuation and added elements enabling humans to accept anniversary other’s statements there would be no accent per se – and absolutely not the affectionate that could ability a advanced array of people. Yet while accent is a affectionate of amid arrangement it needs to be able to blot new idioms and accents to advance – such as the French access on English in the after-effects of the Norman Conquest in 1066, which led to its avant-garde form.

The Accepted Membrane…

It seems the classical conception ability aswell accomplish as an advice arrangement with two apparatus agnate to the duality apparent in classical and breakthrough physics. The breakthrough world, with its abstruse qualities of ambiguity and non belt can be said to be “non-membraned” consisting of particles that accept not been encapsulated by borders, accordingly not homeostatic, i.e. apprenticed by lawful, systemic alternation patterns and commutual functions apparent in atoms.

If such belief angle has merit, again a catechism not generally asked becomes, what comprises the semi-permeable film that insulates the classical from the breakthrough apple and divides the conception into two parts?

Since no one has anytime in actuality empiric an atom or atom it would accept absolutely difficult to alarm a protective, interaction-forcing film that systematizes some but not all apparatus of the universe. Aback electrons, neutrons, and a basis are trapped aural the atom’s film – their interactions are in allotment alternate and dynamic. One could accept that after a film the conception would accommodate no systemic anatomy or advice and that annihilation would exist. By the aloft badge the diminutive film would accept to be semi-permeable – contrarily activity face-lifting and the discharge of radiation would be blocked and it would adulteration rapidly. In such altitude amount would at best affection a basic in and out existence.

The film altercation (not to be abashed with the “brane” approach as acquired from cord theory) brings up the age-old catechism of what the ancestor conception was comprised of, and how it originated. This biographer cannot accommodate a accessible acknowledgment but one can speculate.


If a “cosmic lipid” fabricated accessible the classical world, it would accept appropriate an antecedent basal or starting point, artlessly because in adjustment for any arrangement to advance requires a above-mentioned availability of raw materials. Appropriately one ability accept the conception was never “nothing” but rather an initially (eternal?) breakthrough accompaniment featuring connected perturbations embodied by non locality. In that accompaniment basic exit/enter atom reactions would accept comprised a pre-informed cosmos. After a film there would accept been no systems, no back-up and appropriately no laws of nature. Consequently there would accept been no time, space, belt or bombastic interactions. The basal conception (if absolutely one can alarm it that) would accept been annihilation added than a probabilistic accompaniment of a-systemic noise.

Whatever this pre-temporal, pre-massive, pre-spatial affair was, it was not acknowledging to laws, even gravity. The about para-physical attributes of that proto-universe adumbrated actuality can conceivably explain its isomorphic administration apropos temperature and matter. If a-systemic particles can be everywhere, why not isomorphism? After all, askew of amount is at the basis a action of ambit and time – actuality there is no time or distance. (Perhaps allotment of the abashing is based on our acceptance that there is a bound superior to the acceleration of light. To a atom affective at that acceleration it would accept time would not lapse, appropriately neither would there be any spatial extension. It ability aswell explain the abstruse things accepted as aphotic activity and aphotic matter, e.g. the acumen we cannot see either is because they are a-systemic debris from a breakthrough accompaniment that cannot be localized with attention to time and abode and appropriately can be anywhere, at any time.

Why would that be true? Possibly because the attendance of amplitude and time- which are inherently bombastic via allowable movement and topographic sequences – alone came to abide with the appearance of systemic diminutive structures. In added words, no system, no space, no mass, no force and no time.

That lends itself to added speculation. For example, if we attending out at the conception is it accessible we are searching at two worlds; not in the anatomy of added ambit or multiverses but instead at a bifold world, one aspect of which has time, amplitude and order, the added accepting none of those qualities which we can alone apperceive and admeasurement by chance.

The Odd One Out

If some alternation of contest did advance to conception of a systematizing catholic film that could explain some aspects of the conception including how the axial armament originated. But those were mostly close-up armament that had to collaborate materially to apply alternate influence. Force is a adapted animal. The catechism is… why?

Use of the acceptance of avidity ability be accessible here. A simple account ability be begin in its range. Newton approved that gravitational cull is bent by mass, and distance. Einstein approved that the curvature/ angle of amplitude created by altar depends on their accumulation and can extend over continued distances (a attack put tossed into a basin of baptize will actualize a above ripple than a golf brawl – bold both are tossed with the aloft or agnate force).

Thus by it actual attributes force has amazing spatial access and admitting its apparent abstruseness it ability be absolutely what Einstein said it was- a spatial/temporal phenomenon. As such it has abundant abeyant acquaintance with a above swath of the conception as it transfers from one adorable physique to the next. That in about-face would betrayal it to added catholic fields, including both the systemic and breakthrough (non-systemic) fields. In simpler acceding force could be advised a amalgam force, afflicted by both the systemic and breakthrough “landscapes” aural the cosmos. It ability actualize attractions aural the systemic (classical) apple but aswell collaborate with non-systemic, timeless, not-spatial fields area it would be at atomic partially, timeless, non-local and so abashed and a-systemic that it could both advance and cull – appropriately the accelerated amplification of the universe. In that ambience one ability accept that in areas of amplitude with the atomic systemic topography, force would accept a addiction to behave in quantum, ambiguous ways.

Back to the catholic membrane. What could it accept been? A anatomy of amount – conceivably a hydrogen film arising from cooling of the particles and activity sources? Or conceivably an energy-capturing apparatus like the Higgs field; creating a wave-like vibratory or alluring absorber about particles by which to abode the atom’s apparatus after prohibiting the assimilation of renewed activity sources?

Since physicists still accept adversity appropriate amid amount and energy, particles and after-effects the acknowledgment to that catechism seems at atomic as harder to boldness as the seek for the agent of life. In that case this is just addition attack (by an abecedarian theoretician) to accommodate conceptual accord amid two of the greatest armament and creations in nature; the abode and the universe.


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Bohm, D. (1986) A New Approach of the Relationship of Mind and Matter. Journal of The American Society for Psychical Research. 80 (2) April 1986 p. 128

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*Notes on Einstein and “spooky distance.” Einstein acquainted the conception was lawful, mainly because all his and Newton’s plan on gravity, mass, the acceleration of ablaze and added concrete laws (those about included in the classical physics archetypal approved that this was true. After reviewing the after-effects of breakthrough mechanics research- which appropriate localizing and tracking particles could not be done added than by artful probabilities he became skeptical; in one instance advertence that physics could not accomplish that way, that abroad particles aloft ablaze acceleration allure could not acquaint aloft such distances simultaneously. His use of the byword “spooky distance” reflects that skepticism. He agitated on a abstract animosity with acclaimed physicist Neils Bohr over this issue, who took several opportunities to criticize Einstein for his skepticism over what Bohr advised to an experimentally absolute archetypal of the atom world.

*Notes; Newton acclimated (actually developed) calculus to actuate what he alleged the law of accepted gravitation. He accepted that that force is a action of accumulation and distance, i.e. drops off as ambit increases (squared) and increases agnate to the mas and accurateness of objects. However he could not actuate why – about affected it was due to some array of connected actual (ether) that advised the force. Einstein apparent that there was no average per se accomplishing the carrying, but that the accumulation of altar “caves in” amplitude (creates a curvature) into which abate altar abatement in affiliation to massive objects. He was able to cover the access of time aural his approach or relativity but he could not actuate why force acted this way, decidedly as pertains to the accomplishments of added forces. He was bootless at bearing a approach that could awning all four of the forces, i.e. electromagnetic, strong, anemic force and gravity. Planck and Heisenberg were able to actuate that aback subatomic particles do not obey the aloft laws apparent by Newton and Einstein with attention to motion, area and drive and tend to act in capricious ways, but admitting the statistical accurateness of breakthrough mechanics neither of them was able to explain what is generally referred to as “quantum weirdness.”

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